Membership Information
Members of Chicago Gourmets enjoy frequently discounted events, monthly newsletters, and announcements of all events! Membership is $25 per year per household. APPLICATION

Wondering whether membership is worth it? Check out the great events the group held in previous years! If you attend as few as four events during a year, you've saved money by being a member, just from the member's discount that applies to most dining events. That's right... a couple will save if they attend just two events together! Chicago Gourmets holds so many events, and at so many different venues, that there's no question you'll find several of interest.

To join, mail your check payable to Chicago Gourmets to:
Chicago Gourmets
Attn: Treasurer
P.O. Box 4152
Oak Park, IL 60303

Friendship, "the wine of life," should, like a well-stocked cellar, be continually renewed. -- James Boswell

For information about Chicago Gourmets, please contact: Don Newcomb, by e-mail CLICK HERE, by telephone at 708-383-7543.